Q: Where will the school be located?

A: The San Francisco Unified School District has currently placed MLBLA at 2340 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA.

Q: Will the school provide transportation?

A: MLBLA will provide transportation for students coming from Sunnydale neighborhood to the 22 and 24 bus lines. We will also provide chaperone support on both bus lines.

Q: Does it cost money to attend the school?

A: No, Mary L. Booker Leadership Academy will be a free, public charter school. There is no cost to attend.

Q: Is Mary L. Booker Leadership Academy open to all students, including special education students?

A: Yes! Mary L. Booker Leadership Academy is open to all students, including students with special needs. There are no entrance requirements for the school; all you have to do to apply is fill out a short application with your contact information.

Q: Will there be a lottery for Mary L. Booker Leadership Academy?

A: Our enrollment is currently open until all spots are filled. Once all slots are filled, families will be placed on our waitlist.

Q: Can any student attend from any district?

A: Yes, but preference will be given for San Francisco Unified students because we are opening the school in the San Francisco Unified district. That said, all students in the region can apply to attend.

Q: When will we know if Mary L. Booker Leadership Academy is approved to open?

A: We were unanimously approved by the State Board of California to open in August 2019.

Q: When will we accept applications?

A: We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for the 2019-20 school year.

Q: Does Mary L. Booker’s family endorse the school?

A: Yes, the family has been very supportive throughout our design process. We intend to honor Ms. Booker’s legacy by building a world-class school in Southeast San Francisco.